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I began making soap for myself because I couldn't find any good, pure soap in the market place that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. 

I wanted a soap that I could use on my body that was not full of toxic chemicals yet was nice smelling and gentle to my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and I really don't care for the scent of traditional castille soap.  

I remembered my mother making soap when I was a small child, so I asked myself "How hard could it be?"

Well with my very first batch I was hooked! I loved it. When I shared my enthusiasm with my friends and family, everyone wanted some. So I went into production.

I use only vegetable oils and the additives are pure therapeutic grade essential oils, any floral or herbal additives are from my own garden. The only essential oils I use are Young Living Essential Oils. I have had such great results with them that I decided to incorporate them into my soaps. I am not aware of anyone else doing this.

 If you want an awesome soap  that has pure plant essences, always a pleasant scent, and comes wrapped worthy of gift giving, then this is the place for you. 


You can special order a batch if we are running low or even sold out. Just contact me at cmpsychic@gmail.com for details.  


I hope you enjoy these soaps as much as I do.


 Thank you for visiting.







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